Our History

Carolinas fundraising, the area’s best fundraisers “under one roof” started in 2001 with just the GoPlaySave books (formerly known as Citipass).  It is now the area’s best full service fundraising company.  We have an easy option for every size group, demographic or budget.
  • 2001 Tammra founded GoPlaySave (formerly known as Citipass) in 2001 after several years in the fundraising industry.
  • 2003 Her little business was growing so fast that she needed help!  Her husband Brian “retired” as an SVP of Bank of America to help her with all things internal that included taking care of their two young children.
  • 2005 Tammra and Brian licensed their plan in Raleigh and Chapel Hill to Holly and Ryan Armstrong.
  • 2012 it was apparent that we needed a mobile component to our coupon book.  We then formed an exciting new partnership with Holly and Ryan. The Armstrong’s took the lead in the development of the new app.
  • 2017 we realized that with only one product (a $30 product) we were missing out on a significant amount of fundraising business.  Many of our elementary schools used the GoPlaySave books as a school-wide fundraiser but used another fundraising company for the 5th grade sale.  Other schools used us for their Middle School Fine Arts fundraising sale but used someone else for their School-wide sale.  With the addition of multiple fundraising products at varying prices we are now able to offer a full service fundraising for our diverse fundraising groups.
Let our 20 years of North and South Carolina fundraising work for you!
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